Tuesday, June 7, 2011

WorkSource keeps Derrick from giving up hope

The enormous volume of people visiting WorkSource centers looking for training or job placement assistance demonstrates the magnitude of need in our community. This handwritten note from a very grateful job seeker was received today at WorkSource Tualatin and is a good reminder of how very valuable these services are to so many.

"My name is Derrick and on June 6, I was hired at Macy's as a store manager. The experience I had at WorkSource Portland Metro - Tualatin was priceless. Without WorkSource, I had limited Internet access, no computer or fax, and no ability to make copies of my resume. The wonderful souls that work in that great office were always respectful, courteous, patient, kind, and very knowledgeable in helping me look for employment.

There were days I had literally nowhere to go and had exhausted my job possibilities. Just having the ability to use the computer to research jobs or tweak my resume was a great help. If not for the great people and services of WorkSource, I would have been lost and maybe given up all hope.

You know, I don't think my situation is unusual or isolated at this time in our country. Economically, we are all challenged with budget constraints. But cutting funding for WorkSource is foolish and short sighted. WorkSource has and is changing people's lives everyday with the services it provides. It changed my life. I got hired in a great job!!!"

Thank you Derrick for sharing this feedback with us. Macy's is lucky to have you! Best of luck in your new job.

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