Monday, May 23, 2011

WorkSource Portland Metro made a difference for Tamara

On May 17, Governor Kitzhaber held a press conference to promote his job creation agenda. He invited Tamara Scott to tell her story about her journey from unemployment to her dream job using the services of WorkSource Portland Metro.

Tamara had been unemployed since her layoff from Evergreen in 2010 where she worked as a Financial Analyst. She has held previous positions in contracts administration, customer service and food service and has a Bachelor and Masters degree from PSU in Math and Business.

Despite her education and experience, Tamara became increasingly concerned about her ability to find a new job in this economy. She had never visited a WorkSource Center before but decided it was worth a try and in January 2011, she registered at WorkSource Portland Metro Tualatin. She was immediately impressed with the variety and quality of services and became engaged in activities including career advising, job search assistance, resume and interviewing workshops, and she joined a job club. She eventually earned her Gold NCRC Certificate (NCRC) in March of 2011.

She then attended an On-the-Job Training (OJT) information session and it wasn't long before WorkSource staff connected her with Mason Bruce & Girard, a Portland natural resource consulting firm interested in using the OJT program to hire and train a new employee. The company hired Tamara as an Accounting and Contracts Assistant and cited the NCRC and availability of funds through the OJT as being significant factors in their decision.

Here's what Tamara had to say about her experience:

“Thanks to the Tualatin WorkSource Oregon office, I kept searching for a job. In these tough economic times, I was quite discouraged. I sent out resumes and applied to dozens of firms but none were a good fit. After attending the On-the-Job Training Workshop, I learned how I could use it to fine tune my skills for a new job and it was ideal for me. I had taken the NCRC to get ahead, proving to myself (and any employer) that I was willing to take any test and work hard to show how much I wanted a good job. Everyone at the Tualatin office was encouraging, friendly and helpful and the workshops were quite useful. When the staff found out that I got the Mason Bruce & Girard job, several of them congratulated and hugged me! We were in this together from the start. I could not have done it without them. Everyone I met along the way gave me HOPE.”

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