Monday, January 24, 2011

National Career Readiness Certificate Now Available

On January 25th, the state of Oregon officially launches the availability of the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC), a valuable tool that verifies workplace readiness and helps connect job applicants and employers.

The certificate verifies an individual's foundational work skills that are critical to success in most jobs including math, reading and locating information. The credential is awarded at different levels depending on one's test results and candidates who do not perform well can be referred to additional training and skill development through WorkSource Portland Metro.

A growing number of employers are using the NCRC as a recruiting and hiring tool along with other factors to determine an applicant's fit for a job opening. In 2011, an anticipated 30,000 jobs will open in Oregon with six unemployed Oregonians for each job vacancy. Competition for these jobs will be fierce so having an NCRC may help a job seeker stand out in the job market.

Governor John Kitzhaber is scheduled to formally launch Oregon's NCRC at a press event on January 25th where he will outline how the tool will be used to develop and certify work-ready Oregonians. Worksystems staff will be at the event to discuss how we are implementing the NCRC in the Portland area.


Anonymous said...

I have found this certificate a crock of sh#t. The state spend money on this program instead finding jobs for the unemployed.
What a waste of taxpayer's resources.

Anonymous said...

I can only assume you didn't score well when going through the testing. I'm not sure what you're expecting of the Dept. of Labor in finding jobs for the unemployed.

Does it not make sense that part of their responsibility is to help the unemployed be more prepared for the jobs they take?

Does it not make sense for employers to have a better idea who is capable of taking on the jobs they offer?