Friday, October 22, 2010

Another Youth SummerWorks Success Story!

When Matt Loughner met 19 year old Klea Brandberg, he knew that she was something special. Matt is the School to Work Coordinator for the Beaverton School District and part of his job is to place youth into summer work experiences. Matt was impressed with Klea's confidence and enthusiasm and thought she would be a perfect fit for the Beaverton Family Resource Center helping persons and families in need.

Lisa Mentesana, her supervisor at the Center, couldn't have agreed more and was thrilled with the match. Klea was charged with assembling a resource guide that packaged information on donated clothing and food, shelter, mental health and other counseling services, medical care and social programs in an easy to use format. With little further instruction, Klea took on the project and created a professional product that will help many people connect to the resources they need.

I had an opportunity to sit down with Lisa and Klea and hear them describe their experience working together this summer:

This is just one of hundreds of summer internships funded through Worksystems' SummerWorks program that provides work experiences to youth who have become disconnected from school and employment.

So what's next for Klea? Her experience at the Center has sparked an interest in social work and helping families in need so she's thinking about heading back to school - which is a great thing! In the meantime, she's looking for office work and if you're interested in hiring her, she's listed in the iMatchSkills system.

After meeting Klea myself, I can understand what Matt saw in her during the initial interview and why Lisa is so sorry to see her go. Klea is poised, articulate, and full of great ideas. All things that will take her far in life. We are glad to have been a part of her journey and wish her all the best. Go Klea!

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