Friday, June 19, 2009

A little support goes a long way!

Marcia Rowland recently lost her job in the medical field. She visited the Tualatin WorkSource Center and was sad to see so many people in the same situation as herself. While she looked for another job, staff recommended that she attend a Networking Group. Marcia was skeptical of the group but grudgingly attended a few sessions.

Then something happened. She started to feel a connection with the group's facilitator, Virginia Lankes, and the other participants. Her attitude changed and her outlook on the future became more optimistic. Marcia was struck by the message of hope and encouragement at a time when she felt like giving up.

Marcia credits her participation in this group for keeping her spirits up and helping her stay motivated. She finally found work at Cedar Hills Hospital and still maintains contact with some of her fellow participants today.

I recently met Marcia and heard her story first hand. Networking Groups are one of many helpful services available at any WorkSource Portland Metro Center funded in whole or in part by Worksystems, Inc. Thank you Marcia for sharing your experience with us and congratulations on your new job.

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