Friday, March 27, 2009

Worksystems Supports Training for the Metals Industry

Worksystems invests in training for jobs in key industry sectors to help regional businesses maintain their competitiveness. We engage with employers to understand labor market trends, identify current and emergent workforce needs, and craft comprehensive workforce solutions developed and driven by industry through the use of "industry skill panels". These industry led panels direct the expenditure of training funds, design curriculum, select the training providers, and evaluate the effectiveness of the classes. The concept is based on a mutual investment model with employers contributing to the training efforts.

One of our most successful partnerships is with the metals industry, represented by the Manufacturing 21 Coalition. The Coalition is a private-public partnership that advocates for Oregon and Southwest Washington’s manufacturing economy to ensure that manufacturing remains a strong contributor to our region’s economy. The Oregon Employment Department projects a 9 percent growth rate in the metals industry with 4,000 jobs in primary metals and fabricated metals by 2014. The average age of metals manufacturing workers in the Portland metro region is 47, so 75% of the openings will be replacements due to retirements. The metals industry offers great employment opportunities with benefits and average wages of around $48,000 (not including benefits).

An estimated 400+ people will be trained in the metals industry by the end of this fiscal year.

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