Monday, March 2, 2009

Workforce Featured Prominently in Economic Development Strategy

As the City of Portland works to develop a regional strategy to guide the next 5 years of economic growth, workforce is emerging as a critical component. Portland seeks to build the most sustainable economy in the US creating 10,000 new jobs and to do so, must assert leadership in three overlapping areas:

1. Sustainable job growth focusing on 4 industry clusters - Clean Tech/Sustainable Industries, Activewear/Design, Advanced Manufacturing, and Software.

2. A Sustainable way of Life promoting innovation, product, and talent development led by higher education.

3. Inclusive prosperity ensuring that workforce development efforts align with job growth in the target industries and all residents have access.

The interplay of these three elements creates a resilient economy where business activity reinforces our shared values, our way of life contributes to a thriving local economy and all Portland metro residents share in the benefits of this growth.

Worksystems is proud to be part of this planning effort and will provide updates as the strategy comes together.

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